About GMOs & Monsanto

What are GMOs?

Boston MAM May 2013, photo by Pampi

Boston MAM May 2013, photo by Pampi

The DNA of Genetically Modified Organisms is mixed with that of other plants, animals, bacteria or viruses. These combinations do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding.

Companies that make GM (genetically modified) FOODS claim they achieve, among other things, longer-lasting products or crops resistant to pests. However, GMOs are linked to CANCER and other ILLNESSES.


The largest manufacturer of GM seeds, this US-based corporation receives government subsidies and does not test its products long-term. It makes insecticides DDT and Agent Orange and herbicide Roundup, all highly toxic to humans, animals and the environment
* Fresh corn and papaya are likely GMO, and as much as 80 PERCENT of conventional processed foods (foods packaged in boxes, cans or bags – the longer the ingredient list, the more processed) contain GMOs.
* Over 60 countries ban, limit or label GMOs due to safety, economic and ecological concerns, but not the US.
* Policies and business models PRESSURE farmers to use patented GMO seeds that invade native crops and destroy their livelihoods.


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