Event Details

by Pampi w hand-printed texture by Kalia

On Saturday, May 24, 2014, people from across Massachusetts will come together for Food Justice! 

Gather at Park St. (12:30p), March to Copley Sq. (1:00p),
Rally / Teach-Ins / Speeches / Interactive Performances (2-5p)

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March Route click HERE

On the one-year anniversary of March Against Monsanto, food and health advocates, farmers, small businesses, faith leaders and grassroots organizations will join community members and artists of all genres in a day of learning, sharing and advocacy for Food, Health, Environment & Communities!

GMO facts and Labeling
Access to Healthy foods for All
Supporting organic Farmers
Global awareness 
Guarding our Seeds and the Bees
Our health and well-being!

Food for Thought * Art for Heart * Joined in Action

Participating Groups: Northeast Organic Farming AssociationMA Right to Know GMOsFresh Food GenerationChildren of Vietnam Veterans Health AllianceGreen City Growers, Green Dragons, Massachusetts Peace ActionLighter, Association for India’s Development (MIT & Boston Chapters)Holistic Moms, Choose Wiser, Sass Attack, WITH  Activist Calendar AND The Green Dad as our MC.

Advocates will speak and lead teach-ins about GMO legislation, local access to clean foods, Urban Farming and more!

Artists will engage us with dance, music, spoken word and puppetry to make our message accessible and profound!

Organizers: Loreto Paz Ansaldo of Activist Calendar | Martin Dagoberto of MA Right to Know GMOs | RachelRamone Donlan of COVVAH | Mike Gioscia “The Green Dad“| Kalia Lydgate | Jon Manninen | Alessandra Mariano | Joe D. | Sarah Elisabeth | Pampi of third eye fell

Thank you to our Indiegogo donors who raised over $1200! Anonymous (3), Anne E, Jason S, Donna L, Mali S, John P H, Elise G B, Graziella G, Performance Dance Center, Hayley T, Priscilla S, Elinor L C, Catherine E G, Doreen E M, Cynthia O, Edward G A, Charles L, Janet E H, Gesa L, Ellen CT, Leyla N, Jennifer N, Brenda C, Rachel D, Arielle BF, Kristi M of Choose Wiser, Peter A & LPA

Endorsed by the Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party

Our Working Definition of Food Justice:

Healthy food is a human right. Healthy foods are clean foods (organic, free of pesticides, herbicides, hormones & GMOs).
Food Justice works towards this right through:

* Empowering people with the knowledge to make decisions about the food we eat
* People knowing the nutrients their food provides, and how and when they grow best
* People knowing the history of people and food, agriculture, how food was produced, what’s in it, and what impact the production of our food is having on the earth and water and its inhabitants
* Knowing and applying chemical-free, sustainable practices and holistic methods for pests and fungal control

* People being able to have healthy foods everywhere, not just those with money or those with privilege
* Acknowledging that fight for food justice is not over until the most vulnerable members of society, even if they cannot work, should have access to nutritious foods
* Working on how food can be fairly sourced and distributed across economic and geographic constraints

* People must be able to grow healthy foods and in ways that benefit the entire planet
* The privatization of seeds is a continuation of the process of colonialism and domination, which has forced people to become reliant on the few in power, disconnecting us from our food supply, our heritage, our culture, our history, our communities and our sense of place.
* As a form of colonialism, the process of controlling food has disproportionately impacted indigenous communities, communities of color, and low income communities.
* Food Justice grows out of food sovereignty: those who control the seeds, control the food, control the people. We must return control of the seeds to the people.
* People should determine what kind of food systems we have, not transnational corporations: chemical manufacturers and profit-centered industrial agriculture companies.
* Work with nature not against it

* Laws must support knowledge, access, and farmers
* Laws must not patent seeds and life; these laws build systematic injustice. Genetic engineering is a means by which corporate interests secure “intellectual property rights” over our common heritage.
* People have a right to decide if laws should include labeling or ban non-organic foods

SOLUTIONS we can all be a part of:
All of these problems are addressed by intentional reconnection to our food and to each other: addressing inequities in our food supply here and abroad, upending “free trade” agreements, resisting corporate agriculture, supporting local agriculture, knowing our farmers, increasing transparency in food and spray labeling, increasing awareness of the supply chain and solidarity with farm workers worldwide, building community gardens, re-skilling, reconstituting and building healthy soil, sharing meals and saving seeds; including people’s food history in public school education; empowering the public to grow their own; states must subsidize organic foods instead of non-organic foods; states must shape subsidies to benefit small farmers with access to credit.


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