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#MAMBoston   #MarchAgainstMonsanto   #FoodJustice   #MarchMay24

photo by Pampi

photo by Pampi


Share your Story!  Tell the world: Why are you Part of this Movement?

VoJo  shares individual stories as part of a community collective – call from any phone OR text words or images.

Stories will create our own Oral History, serve as Testimonials, and be part of a possible art project.

Just send a text or picture message from your phone to

or Call +1 (888) 821-7563 ext. 10552 to record your audio story.


Kindly RSVP & share on Facebook 🙂

Indiegogo Campaign

We ran a successful Indiegogo campaign (3/31-4/21) that raised over $1,000 to cover all the small but real needs of this gathering.

Thank you to our donors! Anonymous (3), Anne E, Jason S, Donna L, Mali S, John P H, Elise G B, Graziella G, Performance Dance Center, Hayley T, Priscilla S, Elinor L C, Catherine E G, Doreen E M, Cynthia O, Edward G A, Charles L, Janet E H, Gesa L, Ellen CT, Leyla N, Jennifer N, Brenda C, Rachel D, Arielle BF, Kristi M of Choose Wiser, Peter A & LPA


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